Seriously, tell me how you find new music. Do you search for it? Do you let it come to you via radio, print, or friends, etc.? Does it stick more if it's backed by a major label or any label. If you investigate this "new band", does facebook likes affected your judgement or maybe a good video to go along with the tune? How about the professionalism of their website? Does it help if they even have their own website or is the typical social media sites doable?

Most of us music connoisseurs only need to hear something to like it. But for how long? It seems everyone needs some sort of confirmation that what they like is valid, worth keeping/listening long term and promoting to others.

In my world there's 3 reasons why certain music lasts for decades.

  1. It's just fuckin good
  2. It's been promoted, exploited, and played so much, you can't help but go with the flow. Of course this will eventually make you hate the song, but years from now after you've purged yourself from it and you hear it again, you'll be tapping your foot. Which brings me to #3.
  3. Emotional and psychological placement. Everyone can place themselves in a particular moment in time by listening to a song they once listened to often or was in a movie they loved.

Anyway, wanted to get your feedback on how you find new music… your "pleasure hunt". Tell me what attracts you most about new music. Is there something I'm missing like a hot lead singer barely dressed or the band worships satin and dresses for halloween everyday?

Open up and let me hear you.